On the right hand side of the Banbury Road as you exit the village, you will find a peaceful resting place. Gaydon Cemetery a place of rural retreat with an avenue of trees and meadow areas which provide a haven for wildlife: a beautiful place to sit and reflect.

Cemetery Fees (Last updated May 2016)

  • Single Burial Plot (Exclusive rights) - £150

  • Interment - £150

  • Single Headstone (not exceeding 3ft) - £130

  • A vase not exceeding 12 inches in height - £50

  • Cremated remains into 2ft x 2ft plot - £100

  • Cremation Plaque (not exceeding 15inches by 15inches - laid flat) - £90

  • Further inscription - £40

  • Ashes into already purchased burial plot - £50

  • Second interment of ashes into pre- purchased plot - £50

  • Child or stillborn baby's grave and interment - £40

  • Child's headstone 1ft x 1ft 2" x 2" overall - £50

  • Grave for 6 to 15 yrs old at time of death =- £60


Interment of ashes:

Ashes can be interred in existing graves.

The interment of ashes between family graves are not permitted.


  • Fees indicated; do not include the digging of the grave or …

  • Apply between 11 am and 3pm on a weekday or on the certificate of a Coroner or Registered Medical Practitioner that immediate interment is necessary.  An additional fee of £10 is payable otherwise.

Monuments, gravestones, plaques (tablets) and memorial inscriptions:

  • Flat plaques or tablets can only be positioned on ashes interment plots.

  • Kerb stones are not permitted.

  • It is the responsibility of the surviving relative (s) to maintain the burial plot. If this is not possible the Parish Council will maintain the plot in line with the rest of the cemetery.

  • All requests for monuments, gravestones, plaques/tablets and memorial inscriptions must be submitted to the Parish Council for approval via the Parish Clerk.

  • In the event that a headstone becomes insecure, it is the responsibility of the surviving relative to ensure that it is secured. The Parish Council will either notify the relative in writing or place a letter on the grave if the first option is not possible. If it is not possible to secure the headstone with internal fittings and an external structure is required, then an application must be submitted to the Parish Council that explain how this will be achieved. Failure to secure headstones within 12 weeks of the date of the letter will result in the Parish Council arranging for the head stones to be laid flat.

Fees to be received by Gaydon Parish Council via the clerk. The fees indicated can be paid before death or at the time of burial and include the Deed of Grant and all expenses thereof.

N.B.  A memorial may only be erected on a grave to which the exclusive right has been granted.

​This is approved by Gaydon Parish Council at a public meeting held on 3rd May 2016.