One of our main issues in the Village is the speeding traffic. We are committed to doing everything in our power to raise awareness and ultimately combat speeding in Gaydon.

Whilst we have various obstacles to overcome before being in a position to implement changes that will create a permanent solution, we have created a team of volunteers who have undertaken vetting and police training in order to conduct regular, adhoc speed monitoring on some of our more problematic sites.

We will be collecting this data and providing the Police with details of drivers in excess of 34mph (police requirement) and drivers will be contacted directly. Although our members are not able to distribute fines or penalty points, the Police can prosecute if someone is found to be speeding.

To help us to help you, it's important we all remember and respect the speed limits and that they are a maximum. 

We have conducted a Traffic Survey in 2016 (on all of our village roads) which we are currently analysing and a comprehensive report will be presented in full at a Parish Council Meeting in December 2016. We will aim to present this to the relevant departments within the County Council and to the Police and Road Safety Group with our recommendations following analysis of this data along with historical traffic surveys.

We have a plan.

In the meantime, if anyone else wants to help our team, please contact Mirrin Lewis via email mirrinr@gmail.com