Parish council elections 2nd may 2019
use your vote & have your say!
Matt Bourne

I moved to the village two years ago with my young family. I work as an engineer at JLR and you may well have seen me early in the morning on the bike with a bright yellow trailer on the way to the nursery.

I was co-opted as a councillor at the end of 2018;


I got involved with the Parish council for a number of reasons - mainly because numbers of councillors were dwindling and it risked folding and I felt that the village needs to be able to control what happens within it. The last 6 months have been interesting and I look forward to the chance of continuing following the election.

Jonathan Chitty

I would like to say first that I don't have any interest in politics. I volunteered to become a Parish Councillor in 2018 only because I didn't want to see our community lose its local voice and get swallowed up by a bigger council (which would have happened as the number of councillors had reduced below the minimum number required under the rules).

I believe everybody in the village should have a voice and I will listen to everyone, and get to understand their concerns and point of view. I will continue to work together with my fellow councillors on the Parish Council team to ensure we make decisions for the village that are always based on being the best

value for money as everyone in the village contributes

towards the council's budget.


I appreciate that sometimes we will need to make decisions that require a compromise but with the full support of the councillors we will make those decisions in a transparent and fair way which are in the best interests of the community as a whole. For anyone who would like to know something about my background I am a Finance Director and qualified Chartered Accountant. My partner and I moved to the village in 2017 and soon after were engaged. I volunteer in the community shop when I can do, so if you see me in there feel free to stop and chat, it would be great to hear from you!

Adrian Claxton

Adrian has lived in Gaydon for 20 years, having worked as an engineer for Jaguar Landrover for 14 years. He has served on the Parish Council since the last election. He volunteers in the village shop and is a member of the Village shop Committee. He is a member of the Speedwatch team.


Notable achievements have been:

· Installation of the White gates on the Banbury road – which have had a noticeable effect on traffic calming.

· Refurbishment of the Village Telephone box.

· Securing the Church lane field for the village for use as a recreation field.

· Started the Gaydon Parish Council Facebook page.


I believe it is important to preserve the nature of the village and be considerate of its heritage. However, it is also important that we don’t let that hold us back from improving the village making

it a better place for us all to live and for families to bring up their children. It is important that the decisions taken are the right ones, taken wisely with consideration for the needs of all villagers both present and future. The parish council needs to ensure that parish funds are spent in a way that gives quality and value for money.

John Davies

I’ve had the pleasure of living in Gaydon for the last 16 years and have met quite a few of you, sometimes, unfortunately, as an ambulance responder covering this area, hopefully leaving you better than I found you. I am a husband, father and grandfather used to a rural environment. Over my numerous years in full time and voluntary roles I have worked for Police, Army and Ambulance services and currently work part time as a freelance First Aid Instructor and as a Chaplain to Stratford Sea Cadets.


I joined the Council as a co-opted member last year and had the honour later of being elected its chairman. I will, as I have in the past, serve the community to the best of my ability. Listening to your needs and acting on them for the good of the village we live in. I ask for your vote on the 2nd and just a small note my first names are David John, but John to everyone.

Corinne Hill

Many of you may know me as the Parish Clerk, which I was for

around 18 years, and still am to 2 medium size parishes. Before becoming Gaydon’s Parish Clerk, a role which allowed me to work from home and look after my children, I managed a small team in IBM and, prior to life in Warwickshire, I worked in stockbroking in London which included a secondment in America.


During my 21 years of living in Gaydon I have been a School Governor at a local primary school, a committee member for a nursery in Fenny Compton, audited the PCC accounts, supported and still support the newly formed Millennium Group and was a regular at the very successful toddler group in the 2000’s. I also gained the Certificate in Local Council Administration which has provided me with a broad knowledge of local council law, procedures, finance, planning and community involvement.


I believe that councillors need to be visible, hardworking, approachable and willing to listen to all residents. The role of councillor isn’t just about attending a monthly meeting. It’s about engaging with the community (including local businesses), representing the parish at meetings, following through on an objection to a planning application with a representative at the District Council meeting, seeking out funding streams to

support parish projects, attending community forums to engage with the Police for a presence in Gaydon whether it be traffic monitoring, illegal encampments or following up on burglaries, supporting our local community groups and shop and … bringing the parish together on major projects like the field, play area,

traffic calming, housing and whatever comes our way. We all need to work together to ensure Gaydon is a pleasant, safe place to live and work.

Emily Leadbetter

I moved to Gaydon in 2013 and although I have been involved in a number of community activities and events over the years, I have only been a parish councillor since being co-opted in November 2018. Since then I have started the Neighbourhood Plan process, which I would love to continue as I feel passionately that residents should have a say over future development in our



My commitment is to work to retain the best of Gaydon, whilst making improvements aimed at enhancing the lives of residents - whether they be young, old, new to the parish or born-and-bred Gaydon-ites! I will commit to listening to those who live and work in the parish and seeking to find solutions that work for the majority. This means also looking with fresh eyes and being transparent in decision-making. Gaydon deserves a council

who will strive to make our parish the best it can be, and I'd love to be a part of it. I am married with two small children and work part-time as a senior manager for a large utilities company where I have recently undertaken project management, business strategy, and customer & stakeholder roles.

Mirrin Lewis

I'm Mirrin and in the 14 years I've lived in Gaydon I've worked to make a positive contribution towards village life. I set up Community Speed Watch, the new village website, worked towards traffic calming and also set up the Gaydon Mama's group for mums (and dads!) and their children. You might also know

me from reasonably frequent visits to The Malt Shovel.


I was co-opted on to the Parish Council in 2016 before stepping down just before my son, Griff was born and I've recently returned. I'm committed to preserving the rural landscape of Gaydon whilst making decisions necessary to allow our community to evolve. My two main priorities are traffic calming

(with measures that are sensitive to village aesthetics) and to provide a suitable children's play area for a growing village with a growing number of young children. I'm passionate about inclusion and delivering on 'what the Parish wants' and promise to be led by the views of parishioners if you choose to elect me. I'm envisaging a cohesive rural community with strong values, one in which everyone has a voice - including the young.

Sue Middleditch

I’ve lived in Gaydon for many, many years. Those years have allowed me to explore many different areas of village life; as a past councillor and now a member of the Village Hall Committee. I also assist with the Parish Magazine and many of you will have seen me delivering your magazine every month. Helping at the Over 60’s meals is another village role that I thoroughly enjoy and one that I’m so pleased is as successful today as it was when it

first started. I also work in the village shop and run my own mobile hairdressing business.


I grew up in Gaydon so can fully appreciate the importance of village life. It is unique and something that should be protected and treasured. I love chatting to the many villagers I know so, if you don’t know me, please introduce yourself when you see me around the village or at village events. Being a councillor is all about listening to you, following up on your concerns and then letting you know the outcome; something that is so often forgotten in today’s fast digital world. I will try to make Gaydon’s voices heard! I’m around, approachable, hard working and a listener. I look forward to receiving your vote in the forthcoming Parish Council elections.