The event was well attended on both days. Members of the public were invited to view the presentation, results of the recent field surveys and play area design concepts. Comment forms were available for those wishing to leave feedback.

The information from the event is available to download and view below. Please click to download or hover over the pdfs and scroll to view more pages.

Please click on the link below to fill in the attached comments form if you would like to leave your feedback and were unable to attend the event.

main presentation
10 design principles of successful play area
gaydon meadow play area design concepts

These images represent the whole suggested scheme, which is completely organic and bespoke and was created based upon the 10 design principles and to blend into our own unique environment and community.

From the concept creator:

"I felt that the apparatus should be robust, natural and durable, with a
variety of play experiences for a range of abilities.  

I have included DDA apparatus, and I anticipated that you may in time
install a path or ground reinforcement on the left hand boundary for
wheelchair, pushchair and access for the less able.  

I have designated a separate toddler area for tinies, and the older children
apparatus is designed to test a range of activities for all ages.  

I have located the swings individually - long banks of mixed swings are not
a good design - and as with all our play areas I have concentrated upon
interconnected adventure play giving a choice of routes and activities – (I
have never been keen on random items plonked into the landscape with little
relevance to one another).  

Fall heights would not exceed 1.5 metres, which is the watershed fall height
to a grass sward over 150 topsoil, and I have allowed for 20M2 of
polyurethane bound rubber to high wear areas, (e.g. Slide, slide pole, and
around all posts to minimise maintenance and potential for strimmer damage.

I have also allowed for 140M2 of rubber grass grow through mats - more for
wear attenuation than fall protection.  

I have allowed for 8 no rustic log seats and one feature tree seat to the
toddler play area, in order to promote inclusivity and adult participation -
the play area is for everyone from 1 year upwards, with a range of

I anticipate that the toddler play will engage in excess of 25 children and
the older children play in excess of 40.  

All timber is UK sourced FSC Oak and Sweet Chestnut, and is processed on our
own sawmill.  

All timber in the ground is wrapped and protected with a robust water and
air proof layer, with a strimmer border around in polyurethane bound rubber,
and a PVC strimmer guard. All fixings are stainless steel.  

We carry Public and Employers Liability insurance (£10 million) and
Professional Indemnity Insurance (£5 Million). 

We offer a 15 year guarantee on all components, subject to our maintenance,
or proper maintenance by others, upon which we can advise. 

We can offer a maintenance agreement on a full indemnity basis (e.g. should
anything fail, we will fix it - this does not cover abuse or vandalism). 

The first year is free of charge and the schedule and cost is reviewed on a
three yearly basis as the apparatus ages.  

We have designed and installed many high profile play areas and can provide
examples and references upon request. 

We carry out everything in house from design through construction to
installation, and we offer all associated services - landscaping, drainage, fencing, fall surfaces, modification and re-location.  

We operate our own sawmill and we are proud of our ecological ethos - all
our timber is UK sourced, FSC or equivalent (felled under licence) and we
operate our sawmill primarily to fulfil our own bespoke requirements and in
support of the long neglected practice of UK woodland and timber management."

Pledge Tree.jpeg