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July News!

Housing Needs Survey

Within this months magazine you will find the housing needs survey for you to consider. This is an integral part of planning for future housing requirements so it’s vital you complete it to help us to understand how Gaydon could meet your housing needs in future.

New Play Area

GPC have now placed an order for the new play area, which will be installed in August and completed early September. Playgrounds are reopening this month, so whilst our own will take a little longer to open, it should be worth the wait.

Pocket Parks

The near side of the field, opposite the allotments is also being developed in line with the application granted last year. The gates will be refurbished and upgraded so that the gate furthest from the driveways becomes the new pedestrian entrance, with a self-closing mechanism for added safety. A new gravel path from the entrance into the field will run parallel to the public footpath and lead up to the play area to improve accessibility for everyone. The orchard will be planted at the end of Summer and wildlife enhancements including a bug hotel, bird boxes, areas left as habitat with long standing grass, log piles, planting of more wildflowers and mown pathways through the orchard. The perimeter of the field will be managed in the Autumn after the nesting season as previously planned, but was delayed because of the exceptionally wet start to the year.

The Old Play Area

The roundabout was rescued by Cllr Claxton before Orbit removed and disposed of the equipment. The intention was to find a way of reusing it as a piece of street furniture as it cannot continue to be used as a roundabout as it doesn’t conform to safety standards. Obviously there would be a cost to do this work how much will depend on what is decided to do with it and where to site it and it’s unlikely to be a simple task to reinstall it elsewhere given its incredible weight (thank you to the volunteers who helped to move it)!

One of the ideas being discussed is to make it into some kind of public seating.

Could it be completely repurposed/upcycled into a new piece of furniture or could it remain in its current form with added seats?

Could it be positioned near the phonebox as another repurposed village asset and nod to Gaydon’s past (considering its size and the telegraph poles)?

Could it be positioned on another community space such as the field, green, cemetery, or St Marks?

Could it be time to bid goodbye to a much loved and well-remembered piece of equipment and cherish the memories?

GPC would like to invite you to submit any ideas you may have for its new purpose, or whether you feel it’s had its day and memories can be preserved instead by old photographs. Please email the Clerk at


Lockdown measures are being gradually relaxed and while we will welcome our much-missed local amenities reopening, we must remember that for some residents, life will remain more restricted. People may still need to self-isolate in future and the volunteer network and Parish Helpline will continue to be available for anyone who needs it. Thank you to all those who have helped to make our community more connected and allowed everyone to access the essentials of daily life.

Our next meeting is July 7th via Zoom.

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