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Play Area Preview

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

It's been a long time coming and we feel this design reflects and respects the environment and heritage of the field that so many of us hold dear.

Below are some images revealing the layout and play opportunities that will be installed this Summer.

These images will give a good overview of the concept design. The main focus has been on blending into the natural environment, longevity, catering for all ages from tots to teens and inclusivity. Inclusivity also means that being able to access equipment is just as important, therefore a path guiding visitors around the equipment allowing easy access is welcome. The path is also proposed to extend from the play area down to the field entrance, which will be incorporated into the Pocket Parks Project. The self binding gravel path is porous, DDA compliant and low maintenance.

Warranties exceeded expectations, with a 15 year warranty on timber extended to a 25 year warranty on all timber and extended warranties on all components.

  1. Play Area in situ

  2. Aerial View of play area

  3. Visitor Flow

  4. Play components (nb the spinning disc is replaced by animal sculpture trail)

  5. Climbing Frame

  6. Toddler Zone

  7. Animal Sculpture Trail

  8. Furniture and Social

  9. Surfacing

When we have the installation date, we will of course update residents and will work with neighbouring properties to minimise any disruption.

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